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Newbiggon Shorthorns


Dr. Gary Carter admiring Mandalong Royal Ferrari

In 1972 Gary and Terry Carter imported Mandalong Super Flag, Mandalong Royal Ferrari, and two Mandalong Roany cows from Australia to add to their Newbiggon herd. These bloodlines were concentrated in the herd for several years and still used today.  Terry has carried on the tradition of careful selection that her father Herb Stephenson, and Grandfather Jasper Stephenson.  

SOLD spring 2023 Newbiggon Shorthorns


A standout since birth 20K offers eye appeal and structural soundness. He's the sort of bull that will sire calves that will excel in both the show ring and pasture setting. 


Yessiree combines the old Newbiggon genetics with Newbiggon Jumbo as her sire with a more modern Shorthorrn dam.


Newbiggon Shorthorns were the importers of one of the most influential Shorthorn bulls of all time Super Flag.   


An outstanding daughter of Yessiree and sired by Diamond Easy 5E (Coalpit Creek Leader 6th).  


Royal Ferrari was imported at the same time as Super Flag.  A sire who produced excellent females.


The foundation of the current Newbiggon herd.  An outstanding daughter of Circle M Ghost Rider 10G.  She has had son's and daughters that have been extremely influential


Newbiggon Jumbo is out of one of the females imported with Flag and Ferrari; Mandalong Roany 51st and sired by Mandalong Super Elephant.  Jumbo has sired some daughters that are top producers today.

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